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Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Dioxide is often used for insufflation (the act of blowing gas, powder, steam into the body) of medical gases for less invasive surgery, for stimulation of breathing before and after anesthesia and for laser surgery.

In the medical field, liquid Helium is useful as a metal coil coolant in MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) devices and also a coolant in cryogenics and superconducting research.

Medical Gas Air
It is used as surgical air in driving pneumatic tools like dental hand pieces.

Lung Function Mix Gases
Lung function gases comprise of a mixture of carbon monoxide and helium with the balance being oxygen and nitrogen.

Blood Analyzer Calibration Gas
It is used in most pathology and biochemistry laboratories in analysis of blood samples for CO2 (10%) and N2 (90%) levels for detecting any respiratory and metabolic issues.

Cryopreservation Gas
Cryopreservation is method to preserve biological materials with minimal ageing by freezing and keeping storage at very low temperature, down to -196 celcius degree. This method is used for liquid nitrogen.