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Argon is used in electric light bulbs and is also used as an inert shielding gas for arc welding and cutting, as a shielding gas for the production of Titanium and other reactive elements, and as a protective atmosphere for growing silicon and Germanium crystals. Argon (Ar) is two and a half times more soluble in water than Nitrogen and has a solubility similar to that of Oxygen. Argon is colorless and odorless, in both gas and liquid form. Argon is considered an inert gas. AGI supplies Argon in gas and liquid form to industry clients.

The Company has obtained Indonesian National Standards (SNI) Certificate No. 0579/PUSTAN/SNI-AS/VIII/2012 for Argon products.

SectorArgon Application
MedicalLaser, Cryobiology
Glass & LampBlanketing, halogen lamp, bulbs & tube
MetallurgyContinuous casting, Blanketing, Inerting, Metalizing, Welding Foundry, Cyrofitting, Heat treating
Electrical & ElectronicTube and lamp filling
Chemical & PetrochemicalBlanketing, Sparging, Purging, Prilling
OthersResearch, purging pipe, O2 pressure testing, process gas chromatograph