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Synthetic Gas

Hydrogen (H2)
AGI has a range of technologies available for the production of Hydrogen and synthesis gas. For the supply of Hydrogen to the customer without a local feedstock, we can provide you with an on-site electrolytic plant. Steam reforming is used for larger volumes utilizing natural gas, Naphtha, Methanol or LPG as feedstock.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
AGI can offer and install a complete range of recovery and purification plants to suit both by-product and naturally acquiring sources of CO2. With the aid of the right technology, we provide you with yield of abundant and cheap supplies of high purity Carbon Dioxide.

Ozone (O3)
Ozone is produced by an electric discharge in Oxygen containing gases at various concentrations. AGI can supply environmental friendly treatment systems to eradicate organic and inorganic pollutant and offer a package of technology for use in air, water and soil treatment applications. It consists of a range of on-site treatment units to reduce or prevent problems associated with contaminants. AGI provides the suitable Ozone needs for the customer’s specific requirements.