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Job List

Mechanic Operator

Task & Responsibility

  • Develop and realize a preventive vehicle maintenance plan per quarterly physical field conditions such as confirming the relevant section regarding the vehicle repair/maintenance process, making timely vehicle repairs, and making daily reports on vehicle repair activities
  • Responsible for the readiness & availability of vehicles for liquid delivery such as maintaining the vehicle every day including the engine and vehicle body (preventive maintenance) and storing damaged vehicles at the scene
  • Responsible for making periodic repair schedules and light services such as arranging periodic repair schedules and realizing preventive and corrective vehicle maintenance work
  • Responsible for checking the vehicle regularly
  • Responsible for administration and archiving of documents related to the repair process and vehicle maintenance process
  • Responsible for checking, controlling and reducing costs in his department for efficiency
  • Responsible for safety distribution such as ensuring the completeness of K3 on the vehicle


  • Education min. Mechanical Engineering from Vocational High School
  • Work experience min. 1 year in in related area
  • Proficient in operating Ms. Office / Open Office and other digital technologies
  • Understand the implementation of Quality Assurance HSE and ISO requirements
  • Able to drive a car and understand vehicle engines